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 Note that JBoss Cache, as a project, is in maintenance mode.  No new development happens here, and all attention is focused on Infinispan instead.  Infinispan can be a replacement for JBoss Cache, and much more.  

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Welcome to the world of enterprise-grade data scalability!
JBoss Cache’s goal is to provide enterprise-grade clustering solutions to Java-based frameworks, application servers or custom-designed Java SE applications.


Clustering for high availability

Since JBoss Cache is a replicated cache, state is always kept in sync with other servers in the cluster.  This makes any state stored in JBoss Cache resilient to server crashes or restarts, achieving high availability.

Clustered caching to remove bottlenecks

JBoss Cache still is, as it’s name suggests, a cache.  It is a product designed to cache frequently accessed Java objects in order to dramatically improve the performance of applications.  This makes it easy to remove data access bottlenecks - such as connecting to a database. 

And unlike non-cluster-aware caches which may go out of sync when there are concurrent updates, each JBoss Cache instance is aware of remote cache updates and can either invalidate or update it’s state.


JBoss Cache is an advanced, 'enterprise-grade' data grid solution, providing features such as transactions, eviction, and cache loading in addition to replication. Please see the JBoss Cache Users' Guide or FAQs for more details.


JBoss Cache is licensed under the liberal and business-friendly LGPL license. It is OSI approved and 100% Open Source.


JBoss Cache comes in 2 editions - a core cache, for caching simple objects, and POJO cache for caching more complex object hierarchies. Please see the JBoss Cache Users' Guide or FAQs for more details.

About the project

JBoss Cache is developed by a community of open source developers. Manik Surtani is the project lead. The project was founded by Bela Ban, and the project benefits from a host of regular contributors.


Our user forum is the primary channel of communication between JBoss Cache users and developers.

If you wish to get involved developing JBoss Cache, we tend to use the jbosscache-dev mailing list for communications and the design forum for discussing and sharing specific designs.

More information

Our wiki pages contain information that has yet to make it into formal documentation, and our JIRA issue tracking system is used to schedule tasks for releases as well as track bugs.



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Documentation & FAQ's

Current stable (Core edition):
3.2.4.GA "Malagueta"

Current stable (POJO edition):
3.0.0.GA "Naga"

Current stable (Searchable edition):

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